A Guide To The Best Lift Chairs For Seniors

As people age, it becomes harder to do simple things once possibly taken for granted—like standing up from a chair. But for seniors who value their independence and want to do as much on their own as possible, a power lift chair can be an excellent investment.
Choosing the right lift chair can feel overwhelming, so here’s a look at exactly what these chairs can provide and what to look for when purchasing one.

What Is a Lift Chair?
A lift chair is a recliner-style seat that uses a motor to help a person safely and easily get out of it from a seated position. The powerlifting mechanism inside pushes the entire chair up from its base to assist the user to stand up. While it might sound like a luxury, for many people, it’s a necessity.

Lift chairs can also help seniors sit down from the standing position safely and comfortably. For seniors who struggle to stand up or sit down, this [assistance] can help decrease pain and potentially ease anxiety. Seniors who struggle to sit or stand on their own can end up overly relying on their arms and may end up slipping or harming themselves.
The reclining positions of lift chairs also provide benefits. Seniors often require the use of a lift chair because the chair’s lifting and reclining positions help elevate their legs to reduce the excess buildup of fluid and improves circulation in their legs.

Types of Lift Chairs
There are three main types of lift chairs:

Two-position. The most basic option, this lift chair reclines to a 45-degree angle, allowing the person seated to lean back slightly. It contains one motor, which controls the chair’s lifting capabilities, reclining capabilities and the footrest. These chairs are generally used for watching television and/or reading, and they don’t take up too much space.

Three-position. This lift chair reclines further to an almost flat position. It is powered by one motor, which means the footrest doesn’t operate independently of the backrest. The person seated will be positioned in a slight ‘V’ formation at the hips with the backrest reclined and their knees and feet higher than their hips. Because it reclines so far, this chair is ideal for napping and helpful for seniors who aren’t able to sleep lying flat in a bed.

Infinite position. The most versatile (and typically the most expensive) option, an infinite position lift chair offers a full recline with both the backrest and the footrest parallel to the floor.  Before buying an infinite position lift chair (sometimes called a zero-gravity chair), consult with your doctor, as it’s not safe for some seniors to be in this position.

Post time: Aug-19-2022